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Release Post Monsterland

About the Book

Title: Monsterland Author: Michael Okon Genre: YA Welcome to Monsterland—the scariest place on Earth. The last couple years of high school have not been fun for Wyatt Baldwin. His parents divorce, then his dad mysteriously dies. He’s not exactly comfortable with his new stepfather, Carter White, either. An on-going debate with his best friends Howard Drucker and Melvin over which monster is superior has gotten stale. He’d much rather spend his days with beautiful and popular Jade. However, she’s dating the brash high-school quarterback Nolan, and Wyatt thinks he doesn’t stand a chance. But everything changes when Wyatt and his friends are invited to attend the grand opening of Monsterland, a groundbreaking theme park where guests can rock out with vampires at Vampire Village, be chased by actual werewolves on the Werewolf River Run, and walk among the dead in Zombieville. With real werewolves, vampires and zombies as the main attractions, what could possibly go wrong?  

Author Bio

Michael Okon is an award-winning and best-selling author of multiple genres including paranormal, thriller, horror, action/adventure and self-help. He graduated from Long Island University with a degree in English, and then later received his MBA in business and finance. Coming from a family of writers, he has storytelling is his DNA. Michael has been writing from as far back as he can remember, his inspiration being his love for films and their impact on his life. From the time he saw The Goonies, he was hooked on the idea of entertaining people through unforgettable characters. Michael is a lifelong movie buff, a music playlist aficionado, and a sucker for self-help books. He lives on the North Shore of Long Island with his wife and children.    


Website: http://www.michaelokon.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmMichaelOkon
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iammichaelokon/ Amazon (Kindle)     Bewaren

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Book Excerpt Girl Within Girl 2: Healing

Book Excerpt

Chapter 19 - BELINDA

Waking up in hell is a disorienting experience to say the least. My personal hell took the form of drowning in a flood of memories, some of which I wasn't sure were even mine. It was as if I had been asleep all my life, and these horrible images were just dreams. I get the feeling that perhaps I never existed. Or maybe I just don't want to exist, because the only thing I'm certain of is that I want to die. If you could feel the desolation that was sucking me in, this conviction that you are nothing, worth nothing, you would want to end it all too.
How did I wake up?  Like an explosion, like the Big Bang, flinging pieces of me out into an empty space, held together only by a gravity of pure rage. I was naked with a man who was also naked, one of my tormentors from my dreams I assumed. The sex we were having could not have been consensual, but now he was the one in a vulnerable position. Convinced he was an enemy I must destroy, I tried to strangle him. Then he stabbed me with something. After that I retreated back into my netherworld.
When I came to, I was tied to a chair, as if my nightmares had been playing continuously, never to stop: another torture session was to begin. I was lightheaded and I knew they had given me drugs again. I was afraid to open my eyes. I heard a voice; someone wanted to talk to me. I didn't know where I was. "I'm floating...where am I?"
"You're with me, Sean Paisley."
I didn't know any Sean Paisley, but I was sure he was a doctor. "You're a doctor," I told him, daring him to deny it. I still didn't want to open my eyes. He said he was my friend.  "I don't believe you." And what was this friend shit? They always fucking say that. Now, it came back to me - I met this man before, he had taken me captive and stopped me from doing what I had to do. I cursed at him. Fucking bastard, he wanted to know why I wanted to kill myself. "It's over," I told him. Then I repeated a message that used to play in my brain incessantly.  "I wouldn't come back unless it was over. I have to end it."
Then he asked me to trust him. Yeah right, they all ask you to trust them.
"It's time to face all those bad memories, once and for all, and once you do that, you'll be able to function again without having to change into different people who don't have those memories."
"No, I won't. I won't relive them." But the truth was I was always reliving them. I didn't understand what he meant when he talked about changing into different people who don't have those memories. He mentioned women's names, women I seemed to know; said he was their friend, and he wanted to be my friend. "I don't want any friends."
He began telling me a story, about him and these women, but I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying. I felt nauseous, my head was spinning, I just wanted him to shut up and let me go back to sleep.
"Who was Dumpling? Do you know someone called Dumpling?"
A lightning bolt went through my brain, striking a sensitive chord that sent a surge of rage through me. "Fuck you!"
They're doing it again, probing my mind, irritating it, provoking me by bringing up my father. Now he was asking me who called me that, and he damn well knew who called me that.
"My father...my father called me that...low life scum-eating devil." A great grief gouged my heart, an enormous betrayal that consumed all my self-worth. "He took me. Used me for his pleasure. Then he gave me away."
Then the doctor kept mentioning a hospital, and familiar images, grotesque images, zoomed in at me from all directions. I had to tell him the name of the hospital before he would let me go back to sleep; told him of the other images too: the dark rooms, the electricity running through my brain, those fucking helmets...the sleep room...
And I guess I must have fallen asleep again.
It was as if no time had passed before I found myself trussed up again in a chair. That's what these bastards do: let you sleep for a while, then wake you up at irregular hours. Many times they wouldn't even let you sleep. For all I know, I could have been in this chair all night. Who was this man? "Who the fuck are you?" I screamed at him.
He told me his name, which I recognized, and told me he was a doctor, which I knew. Then he mentioned Katrina, who I thought I knew. This was like a recurring nightmare, playing over and over again. "Whose Katrina?"
"Oh, I think you know."
Could Katrina be me? "Is she one of their creations?"
"You could say that. But she's also part of you."
"Why am I tied up?"
"You tried to kill me. I'm afraid of you. If you promise not to attack me, nor do harm to yourself, I'll untie you. Is that a deal?"
I wanted him to untie me, so I had no choice but to agree. Once released, I could look for an opportunity to do what I had to do. "Okay, deal."
He grabbed this iron rod that you use to poke at the fire and pointed it at me. "I mean it, don't do anything foolish" He untied me, moving quickly, keeping as much distance as he could, as if I were a dangerous animal.  He stood up. "I'm Sean Paisley, I'm a psychiatrist and I met Nurse Katrina Slovak while assigned to Gottleib Memorial Hospital. I told you that already, but I'm recapping the story in case it hasn't sunk in yet. Has it sunken in yet?"
"Got it, Doctor."
"That is how you are here with me. Got that too?"
No, no matter how many times we go over this, I'll never get it. "Not exactly, not yet."
"Are you willing to listen?"
Why not? At the least it could buy me some time. "Yes."
He told me this crazy story which, despite the sheer lunacy of it, sounded as if it were not only possible, but actually evoked feelings of recognition, though I still did not fully accept that I was all three women. After that, he tried to tell me that if we worked together I could get out of this mess, but we had to trust each other. There's no way I would trust anybody, ever. But I told him I would trust him. Then he tried to put the moves on me, saying that when I was these other women I had sex with him, so now I finally knew his game. "You touch me and I'll kill you."
Hopefully he got that straight.

Then he tried the soft approach, the good cop role. "Let me make you a cup of hot chocolate. Would you like that?"
Sure, I told him. I saw an opportunity. I no longer had the urge to kill him; killing myself was more important. In my mind, this was an imperative.  I got up with an excuse to assist him. "Go sit down," I told him. "I'll bring us both."
I had been looking at that pointy iron rod for some time now. When he sat down I went for it - I knew it could pierce my neck easily. But he saw me and took hold of my arm.
"No, Belinda, you don't want to do this."
But I did. "Yes, I do."
He wouldn't let me, and I wondered why. He admitted that he loved me, but I knew that was not possible, for he didn't even know me. Still, I thought it was strange that he should say so, because no one else ever did, other than my low life scum-eating father. I began to have second thoughts. "You're a doctor, a good doctor, right?"
"Well, I'm not of those bad ones you met before. I didn't know you then."
"You think that if you did, you would've helped me?"
"I'm certain of that."
And I believed him. Perhaps this was some sort of turning point.
However, it wasn't enough to eradicate the haunting memories and flashbacks that confronted me at any moment that my mind was idle. Too much to bear, to re-experience what I went through...sleep was the only relief.

Time passed, days I estimated. He stopped giving me drugs, and that made things worse... gave my monstrous memories even greater clarity, so that they became alive...happening all over again. But what seemed an endless torment abruptly ceased at the sound of his moaning, which brought me back to where I was: in a cabin in the woods, with a man who claimed to be a doctor, and who was whimpering on the floor in the next room. I thought about the attention he had been giving me over the past few days, and so I felt obligated to find out what was wrong with him. First, I had to get out of these silly little ropes. I could have gotten out of them sooner, right at the beginning of this charade, but I didn't bother too, since the doctor put so much energy in tying them. And I didn't have much motivation. My urge to kill myself and him had waned until it just wasn't worth the effort. Now, however, there seemed to be another reason to free myself.
I knew I had done this before...I was taught this...I don't remember where or when...the knots were tied in an amateurish way, close to where I could access them with my fingers. It didn't take me long to loosen the knots as they were so shoddy, undoing them to the point where I could slip my wrists out. Then I went to the man who was suffering on the floor.
He looked terrible: shivering, sweating, making pitiful sounds. First thing was to get him off the floor. I amazed myself at how easy it was for me to lift him up and carry him to the bed. I ran the taps in the bathtub to make the water not too hot and not too cold in order to balance his internal and external temperature. Not sure where I learned that, but I didn't bother to question it. I put him in the tub and then I rummaged his medical bag till I found something suitable to administer to him. After what I thought was a sufficient amount of time I drained the water and toweled him down, then took him back to the bed. I got a glass of water and handed him the pill.
"Ibuprofen, I got it from your bag. It'll make you feel better, but it won't cure you. You've got what I think is a virus, so you're just going to have to ride it out until your body takes care of itself on its own."
"You're pretty good at taking care of people," He told me.
"Why shouldn't I be? I was a nurse, wasn't I?" I had been, hadn't I? He himself had implied that. "You're going to sleep here tonight. Next to me, where I can keep an eye on you."
I did not miss the fact that taking care of him was somehow therapeutic. It took my mind off my usual morbid thoughts and gave me a feeling of purpose and self-worth at the same time. I lay next to him and looked at him; he had a kind, handsome face. I fell into a peaceful sleep as I pondered that.

About the Book

Title: Girl Within Girl Book 2: Healing
Author: S.P. Aruna
Genre: Erotic Thriller
Trapped in a mountain cabin with three, possible four, women….every guy’s dream, right? Or could it turn out to be a nightmare?
Dr. Sean Paisley needs to find out how to bring these women together – his survival depends on it. To make matters worse, he’s in love with all of them….made passionate love to all of them. Throw in a nasty grizzly bear and the dark forces of the government and the situation becomes even more dire.
In the end, he was stuck with Belinda, a hysterical, suicidal, homicidal maniac of a person, confined together in the wilderness of the onset of winter. Now both their lives are at stake.

Author Bio

I’m a Cambodian woman of mixed blood, married to an aspiring author, and of course he had something to do with my idea to write entertaining fiction. We live in a little green house in the countryside in southern Cambodia. No kids yet, but we’re working on it.
I live on a large plot of land and I enjoy taking care of my trees, plants, and flowers. I also love embroidery, stitching to make beautiful pictures. It’s very meditative for me. And then I frame them and put them all over the walls of my house, which drives my husband crazy.
I’m a newbie when it comes to being an author, but being an avid reader with eclectic tastes (I enjoy reading just about any genre as well as non-fiction) has helped me in my plunge to write commercial fiction. Since I love erotic thriller type films, I decided to write an erotic thriller series. I like the challenge of devising a strong plot to embed my sexy scenes.


Amazon Author Page


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Book Trailer Moon Shadow

Book Trailer

Moon Shadow Book 2: The Auriano Curse Series

Antonio d’Este, Duke of Auriano is ambushed by a highwayman just outside of Paris. Not only does the outlaw rob him of all his coin, the thief also snatches the magical moonstone which curbs the terrible, devastating cravings of the Hunger, a side effect of the family curse. Antonio is determined to find the thief no matter what, and take back what is his.
Solange Delacroix is forced to live two lives, as a ruthless highwayman and as the beautiful, seductive Madame de Volonté, who runs a salon of the demimonde and is mistress of the cruel Marquis de Vernoux. When she steals a moonstone pendant from the handsome stranger and he turns up at her salon seeking revenge and the stolen item, she must keep her life from toppling into a maelstrom of danger and death.
Antonio and Solange come together in a dangerous dance of secrets, thievery, and passion. Hounded by the evil sorceress Nulkana, threatened by the ruthless King of Thieves, menaced by the cruel Marquis de Vernoux, their safety hangs in a precarious balance. Only trust in each other will help them come out alive.

About Patricia

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. That was right after I realized that becoming a fairy ballerina or a princess wasn’t going to happen. But being a writer meant I could go places in my head and be other people as much as I wanted. I could even be a fairy ballerina or a princess! My stories have always had romance and history in them. I feel that one sparks the other. I’m not sure I’d really want to live in the past with no running water, take-out menus, flush toilets, hair dryers or antibiotics, but it sure is fun to dream. Besides, swashbuckling pirates and Regency men in their tight, buckskin breeches are hot.
I’m a native of the Boston area. Its history has inspired my writing, and probably influenced my decision to become a high school British Literature teacher so I could pay the bills. I’ve also been an accounts receivable clerk, a receptionist and telephone operator (before cell phones), head of an elementary school library, and president of a food pantry, not in that order. I received a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree in Popular Fiction at the fabulous Stonecoast program in Maine, where I met many talented writers, who encouraged me and made my writing better. And now I’m an author writing about dark heroes, feisty heroines, magic, and other fantastical things.
Author Links:


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Promo Post Just Off The Path

About the Book

Title: Just Off the Path
Author: Weston Sullivan
Genre: Folklore, Fairytales
Hansel never asked to be a hero. He never wanted to fall in love with Rapunzel, Queen of the East. He didn’t ask to be raised by Gothel the Wretch, and he certainly never wanted to be credited for her arrest. But more than any of that, Hansel never wanted to lie: but he did. He lied about everything. He thought that he was done with it all when he and his sister Gretel retreated into the woods to reclaim their land, but he should have known better.
Years later, Rapunzel’s guards knock at his door, and they say the words he hoped that he would never hear: Gothel has escaped. As he and Gretel take refuge inside Rapunzel’s castle in the eastern capitol of Hildebrand, Hansel is thrust back into everything he never wanted in the first place: his lies, his legend, and his lust. In the wake of it all, he knows that Gothel has escaped to finish what she started. She is out to make sure that the Sleeping Beauty never wakes, and that Grimm suffocates under her blanket of thorn and vine. In order to find Gothel and save the kingdom, Hansel and Gretel must look for fact in a land of fairy-tale by following a trail of grisly murders, a girl in a red cape, and a powerful little man who can’t stand the sound of his own name.
As they search for answers, Hansel finds that he isn’t the only liar in Grimm, and that there may be a traitor among them of royal proportion.

Author Bio

After graduating with a BA in Creative Writing from the University of South Florida in 2017, Weston Sullivan moved to New York City to live and write in the heart of the industry. In late 2016, he began working as an intern in the submissions department of BookFish Books. His short story, “On the Hillside” won the Anspaugh Award for Fiction in February of 2017, and his novel, JUST OFF THE PATH, is due for release in early September.
He likes to believe that he is in charge of his own destiny, but at the end of the day, he knows that he was born to serve his two beloved cats.



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Book Spotlight Did I Ever Thank You, Sister?

About the Book

Title: Did I Ever Thank You Sister?
Author: Sal Di Leo
Genre: Nonfiction
Sal Di Leo returns after 30 years to the Catholic orphanage outside Chicago that he and his siblings called home in 1963. This is the beginning of a journey of discovery and remembrance as Sal is forced to reconstruct his life as it really happened, including some of his most difficult years at Boys Town in Nebraska. As an adult, Sal tried to rise above his turbulent past in an aggressive quest for power and money. Successes soon led to failures. Eventually, a wise friend convinces Sal to go back to his roots and look for the good experiences and valuable lessons he learned as a nine-year-old orphan.

Author Bio

An entrepreneur who has successfully tackled many challenges in business and in life, Sal volunteers much of his time serving those in need. With his family, he founded St. Francis Lodge, a free retreat center where nuns, priests and others can reflect and rest to enhance their lives and work. The State Fish Art contest, which he started in Minnesota to help kids learn about conservation through art, is now offered in all 50 states and 12 countries. Sal has been actively involved with Rotary and the Lions Club, and he has spoken to service clubs around the United States about his life and the importance of gratitude. His self-published memoir, Did I Ever Thank You, Sister?, rooted in his childhood experiences in a Catholic orphanage, is available worldwide. The proud father of two adult daughters who have successfully left the nest, Sal has been married to his lovely wife Beth for more than 30 years. A longtime resident of Minneapolis, he is a 1977 graduate of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.


Website: http://www.saldileo.com/

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Book Excerpt The Peacock Door

Book Excerpt

The Citadel:

Nothing, nothing at all, not the ancient tales of lore, nor the fables of old could have prepared the cousins for the imposing power or the exquisite beauty of the Citadel. It rose up out of the snow like an elaborate ice sculpture, with belfries and pinnacled towers climbing into the clouds and reaching higher than the peaks themselves.
There were arches and turrets and cupolas, and parapets and round keeps with lanterns flickering in spade shaped windows, and all of it as pristine and intricate as though carved from ice and decorated with snow.
The castle was hewn from the mountain itself, forged from the stone so that the posterior of the castle was fused into the rock face of the mountain. A high, thick stone wall with ramparts and battlements like the strongholds of old, curved around the castle, surrounding it like a giant horseshoe with the massive gatehouse setting the center and the two prongs fusing back into the mountain.

About the Book

Title: The Peacock Door
Author: Wanda Kay Knight
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
In a magical tale of adventure, eight cousins sneak through forbidden treehouse doors, only to find themselves separated from each other and lost in strange worlds. In their quests to return home, they must unravel mysteries, escape snares and villains, find one another, and search for the elusive Oracle. The Peacock Door is a rich story of camaraderie, loyalty, love, and determination with a bit whimsy sprinkled throughout.

Author Bio

Wanda Kay Knight lives in the Pacific Northwest, teaches literature, strives really hard to keep up with her adventurous/competitive family, makes things out of yarn (mainly unique hats), enjoys collecting pretty rocks, and writes a lot.


Website: www.thepeacockdoor.com
Youtube video
Youtube video
Email address:    wandakayknight@thepeacockdoor.com
My personal email:  wkayknight@gmail.com

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Book Review Magdalena Gottschalk and The Crooked Trail

Title: Magdalena Gottschalk: The Crooked Trail
Author: M. Gail Grant
Genre: YA Fantasy
The enchanted secret of Lily Brooke was safe and sound, until Magdalena and her thirteen-year-old friends accidentally unleashed the revengeful demons of the past. How were they supposed to know that a friendly expedition in the woods on a stress-free Saturday morning would lead to the most intense and scary moments of their lives? So many mysterious happenings have occurred ever since they found that crooked trail leading to the sacrificial cave, and hidden monstrosity of a treehouse. With the chanting voices and shrill noises that only Magdalena could hear, the friends decide there is something sinister living amongst them. Time is of the essence to save Lily Brooke and their childhood club, the Mystical Alliance of Lily Brooke, knows it is up to them to capture the demons hiding in their community and set the town free. Witches, wizards, and some black magic may just be what it takes for Magdalena and her best friends to save the day.

Review: I loved this book! Lily Brooke is a cozy, quaint town inhabited by thirteen-year-old Magdalena and her friends. I really liked Magdalena, and her friends too. They all brought different personality traits to the table and could work together when needed. The story is original and surprising, and transports the reader to this amazing fantasy world.

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